Welcome to Hilltop Preschool

Hilltop Preschool has been providing a nurturing environment where children feel safe to learn and grow since 1978. We believe children thrive in an environment abundant in loving kindness, unwavering support, consistent guidance, and the teaching of God’s unconditional love. We further believe teachers and parents working together can build an invaluable foundation of the lifelong love of learning and steadfast curiosity, eagerness, and confidence to explore new challenges. Our program is licensed by the Michigan Department of Human Services.

Mission Statement

Provide quality Christ-centered education and care that nurtures the mind, body, and spirit in a developmentally appropriate learning environment while recognizing each child as a unique creation of God.

Great Reasons for Choosing Hilltop Preschool

  • We require our teachers to possess a Bachelor Degree in education or child related fields, with specific emphasis on early childhood education or child development combined with years of experience.
  • Classes are staffed with a teacher and assistant teacher, allowing greater attention to your child’s needs.
  • Our students experience a clean, bright, well-equipped, and maintained environment that includes four inspiring rooms and playground with bike path for a variety of settings in which children can learn.
  • Hilltop students experience the Creative Curriculum® for Preschoolers in a structured class setting with both teacher- and student-led activities. Children are immersed in experiments with hands-on science, process art and crafts, an introduction to numerical concepts and math, music and movement, fine and gross motor activity, storytelling, reading, language, and sensory exploration. Special curriculum addresses challenges faced by some bilingual students. In addition, students enjoy Voyages and Little Lambs faith-based curricula.
  • Several field trips and enrichment activities are planned throughout the year to enhance the learning experience
  • Outdoor play and exercise are vital for children’s health and well being. Children go outdoors daily to our outdoor classroom/playground in a quiet natural setting. Excursions to the adjacent nature preserve are part of the outdoor experience.
  • A foundation in faith is laid through programs that reinforce the importance of Christian core values such as mutual respect, cooperation, kindness to others, honesty, positive choices, and love of God and family.
  • The full-day Wraparound Childcare Program with extended hours for before and after school care allows enhanced learning and enrichment opportunities in conjunction with preschool curriculum.
  • Parents play an integral role in their child’s education by partnering with teachers and are welcome to observe at any time or volunteer to assist in the classroom.
  • Preschool classes are three hours with convenient curbside pickup.
Hilltop Preschool does not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, religion, creed, national origin, ancestry, age, ethnicity, disability, or sexual orientation.